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Paul Lafayet is dedicated to bringing the most authentic taste of French pastry to Asia.

Our Chef has the savoir-faire of making every piece of heavenly delicacy by using only the finest ingredients like single origin chocolate, vanilla from Madagascar, almonds from Valencia and Provence, cream and butter from Normandie in France.

Our artisanal pastry is all natural, freshly handmade each day.

Our signature Macaron comes in an array of delightful colours and flavours.

Mille-feuilles, Crème brûlée, Craquelin au chocolat...
All are exquisite gems for gourmands!
All our delicacies pay homage to the world-acclaimed French pâtisserie tradition.

Welcome to Paul Lafayet!


The pâtisserie française, has an international reputation and is a major discipline of French Cuisine.

Developed since the seventeenth century, from village to village, with an infinite number of recipes it is now truly a part of French heritage.

Symbolizing sweetness and refinement, combined with the joy of giving and sharing with loved ones, cakes are synonymous with pleasure and are associated with all the precious moments of our lives :
e.g. wedding cakes and birthday cakes.

What is more, it is a great French tradition to bring a cake or a selection of pâtisserie in the place of flowers or wine when invited to someone's home.

The highlight of a festive meal, the dessert is an ephemeral work of art.

For our tasting pleasure, the cake is decorated with the finest ingredients.

The harmonious pleasure of all pastries is a subtle sweetness contrasting combinations of flavours, textures and temperatures that delight our palates.

Bon Appétit!