[Early Bird] 2022 Christmas Hamper - Deluxe
[Early Bird] 2022 Christmas Hamper - Deluxe

[Early Bird] 2022 Christmas Hamper - Deluxe

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2022 Christmas Hamper - Deluxe

This hamper includes:

- Macaron Gift Box (6pcs) x 1 box

- Palmier Biscuits x 4 pieces

- Assorted Chocolates x 6 pieces

- Paris Lady Cookies x 1 box

- Rose Tea & Earl Grey Tea Tins x 1 each

- Single Origin (Indonesia) Coffee Drip Bags x 5 packs

- Quinoa Chocolate Pearls & Espresso Chocolate Pearls x 2 tins

- Orange Honey & Acacia Honey x 1 each

- Christmas Mug x 1 piece

- Christmas Candle x 1 piece

- L'Occitane Hand Cream (75ml) x 1 piece

- Fer à Cheval Hand Cream (30ml) x 1 piece

- Thank You Card & Greeting Card x 1 each

Macaron Gift Box Flavour:

Chocolate 1 pc, Crème Brûlée 1 pc, Pistachio 1 pc, Rose 1 pc, Salted Caramel 1 pc, and Vanilla 1 pc. 

Chocolate 1 pc, Crème Brûlée 1 pc, Mango Jasmine 1 pc, Passion Fruit 1 pc, Raspberry 1 pc, and Rose 1 pc. 

Salted Caramel 1 pc, Cappuccino 1 pc, Earl Grey 1 pc, Lychee 1 pc, Mango Jasmine 1 pc, and Chocolate 1 pc.

Macaron flavours are subject to change without prior notice based on stock availability. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

Weight per Tea Tin = 20-30g

Weight per Honey = ~30g

Weight per Quinoa Chocolate Pearls = ~30g

Weight per Espresso Chocolate Pearls = ~70g

Origin of Coffee Drip Bag 8-10g each = Indonesia Mandheling Grade 1

All photos are for reference only.

Macaron Flavour

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