Paul Lafayet

中秋法式奶皇月餅禮盒 Custard Mooncake Gift Box × 1


糅合法式風情及傳統東方口味,PAUL LAFAYET 2020 中秋月餅禮盒展現別緻創新滋味。四款獨特口味隆重登場:幼滑雲呢拿、泡沫咖啡、伯爵紅茶及醇香抹茶。這個中秋,PAUL LAFAYET 誠意與您和您的摯愛親朋共享團圓之樂。

Inspired by the fusion of modern French and traditional Asian elements, PAUL LAFAYET mooncake edition 2020 consists of 4 assorted flavors: Vanilla, Cappuccino, Earl Grey and Matcha. Let’s celebrate this prestigious moment with your loved ones with PAUL LAFAYET’s new mooncake edition.

*** 注意: 請於購物車頁面選擇換領地點及換領日期 。

Notice: Please select the redemption location and date at cart page.

  • 商品 Product:
    中秋法式奶皇月餅 4 個 (約 35 克 / 個)
    PAUL LAFAYET Custard Mooncake 4 pcs (35g/pc)

  • 換領期限 Redemption Period: 
    2020-09-01 to 2020-10-01

  • 售價 Selling Price: HK$348

款式包括 Flavours Include:

  • Vanilla Custard Mooncake 幼滑雲呢拿奶皇月餅
  • Cappuccino Custard Mooncake 泡沫咖啡奶皇月餅
  • Earl Grey Custard Mooncake 伯爵紅茶奶皇月餅
  • Matcha Custard Mooncake 醇香抹茶奶皇月餅
領取方法 Redemption Method:
  • 實體禮券——由下單 2 日起至 2020-09-30 到店領取 / 送貨服務
    Physical Voucher - Redeem 2 days after upon purchase till 2020-09-30

  • 月餅禮盒——由下單 2 日起至 2020-10-01 到店換取 / 送貨服務
    Mooncake Gift Box - Redeem 2 days after upon purchase till 2020-10-01

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