The Secret to Delicious Taste

Paul Lafayet presents their coveted masterpiece, the Crème Brûlée. Our silky smooth custard infused with Madagascar vanilla beans that is topped with perfectly crisped golden caramelised sugar.  The decadent, rich, and creamy dessert is simply irresistible, but do you know why?

Being Real

Every Paul Lafayet Crème Brûlée is 100% handmade fresh using the best ingredients every day. You will find thousands of mini black specks hand scraped from fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, one of the most decadent and expensive ingredients in the world. The fresh vanilla beans add an intense flavour profile to the cane sugar and fresh cream imported from France.

At Paul Lafayet, we insist on torching our custard fresh for that ultimate crisp on the golden sheet of caramelised sugar. This is why the Paul Lafayet Crème Brûlée is so special.

Being Creative

Alongside our traditional recipe, we periodically offer a special seasonal Crème Brûlée just for you. Flavours such a cappuccino, Early Grey, chestnut, rose, raspberry, and even Grand Marnier have been on our menu for a limited time offer. 

Being Green

“Being Green” has been one of Paul Lafayet’s core brand values right from the start. To support our green vision, we have imposed environmentally-friendly packaging in all of our outlets. From Paul Lafayet’s ceramic containers of the legendary Crème Brûlée to using paper and wooden eating utensils, we’ve done our part to avoid the use of plastic. To further promote the concept, Paul Lafayet has launched the “Ceramic Container Recycling Scheme”, promising a complimentary Crème Brûlée or 2pcs of macarons for customers returning 8 ceramic containers to our Hong Kong boutiques.

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Using only real vanilla beans as an ingredient, our signature Crème Brûlée is truly a sensational treat for all occasions.
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