Paul Lafayet 2022 中秋月餅禮盒及禮劵

Mooncake Gift Box 2022 Edition

延續 Paul Lafayet 中秋月餅禮盒一貫法式時尚幽默的月亮主題,今年 Paul Lafayet 再度與法國插畫家 Emilie Sarnel 合作創作了一班可愛活潑的玉兔角色。玉兔們與月亮女神玩捉迷藏,為中秋節的星空和家人歡聚的快樂時光增添熱鬧氣氛。


Paul Lafayet continues our collaboration with French illustrator Emilie Sarnel to create a group of adorable moon rabbits this year. Playing hide and seek with the moon goddess, the moon rabbits add a lively and joyful atmosphere to the starry sky and bring you a happy moment with your loved ones.

Bon Appétit!

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月餅禮劵之條款及細則 Mooncake Voucher Terms & Conditions

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- 以上條款及細則均以英文及中文編寫,中英文本如有歧異或矛盾,概以英文版為準

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- Expiry Date: 18 September 2022