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Paul Lafayet, was founded in 2010 out of Toni and his sons’ longing for a taste of home and the fond memories of their favourite pâtisserie in France. As fine patisserie in Hong Kong were limited to a few 5-star hotels back then, Toni saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. Paul Lafayet first started with a petite shop at the opening of K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong January 2010. By staying gold, Paul Lafayet has grown from a petite store to 15 retail boutiques, a central kitchen, and a headquarters in Hong Kong. Today, Paul Lafayet has expanded into Greater China Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

Paul Lafayet promises to bring you a real taste of Paris from half a globe away. Our perfect Crème Brûlée is the work of passion. The high quality natural ingredients, the fresh vanilla beans aroma and the velvety texture transport you to Paris. It is the taste of true fine French patisserie, a taste you will remember and would share with your loved ones. Since our humble beginning, we have created sweet moments for customers with 3 million Crème Brûlée and pâtisserie. Come indulge in the French’s secret to happiness.  



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