MBA Students Learn About Corporate Culture and Leadership from Paul Lafayet Founders

Toni and Christophe were invited to give a special guest lecture at PolyU to share their secrets for success with the students in the International Tourism and Convention Management Programme.  Much like their business, the father-son duo gave a lecture to remember.

Toni & Christophe presenting

To the students' delight, Toni and Christophe kicked off their presentation with samples of their signature product, Crème Brûlée and Macarons, for the students to enjoy.  “Why wait till the end?  I think it’s a richer experience to get your audience excited and give them a taste of what’s to come before diving into the deeper topics,” explains Chris.   Excitement and enthusiasm are foundational to building a strong corporate culture and developing leadership.

Group of students listening to the speaker

It wasn’t all fun and food.  Toni shared his strategies for establishing a culture where everyone in the organisation, from frontline staff to the office team, feels empowered to delight customers and achieve the company's mission: to be every customer’s go-to provider for high-quality French pastries. 

Group photos of Toni, Christophe and the students

The MBA students were deeply engaged as Toni and Christophe shared the importance of corporate values and how they were critical to navigating leadership during times of change and uncertainty. The lecture concluded with a lively Q&A session.  Overall, the guest lecture offered a unique opportunity for PolyU's MBA students to learn critical insights directly from successful entrepreneurs and gain a firsthand appreciation of what goes into building a beloved brand.