Macaron Gift Box (12pcs)


With an infinite selection of flavours to suit every palate, our classic macarons offer a sumptuous experience for just about everyone. Striking a perfect balance of crunch in the shell with a velvety filling, no wonder the macaron is a popular choice of French Pâtisseries.

Chocolate 2pcs, Creme Brulee 2pcs, Pistacho 2pcs, Rose 2pcs, Salted Caramel 2pcs, and Vanilla 2pcs. 

Chocolate 2pcs, Creme Brulee 2pcs, Mango Jasmine 2pcs, Passion Fruit 2pcs, Raspberry 2pcs, and Rose 2pcs. 

Salted Caramel 2pcs, Cappuccino 2pcs, Earl Grey 2pcs, Lychee 2pcs, Mango Jasmine 2pcs, and Chocolate 2pcs.

*Macaron flavours are subject to change without prior notice based on stock availability. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

*All photos are for reference only.

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