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How to Join

Register via the membership site below, your membership will be created once your registration details are verified.

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Member's Benefits

Earn $1 RewardCash with every HK$20 you spend online or in-store.

Every $1 RewardCash can be used to offset HK$1 on your in-store spending.

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Membership account is different from Online shop account. To start earning RewardCash, please login to your membership account via below link prior to any purchase.

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Sweet Surprises

Enjoy a world of surprises and privileges as a Paul Lafayet member.

Welcome Offer

Complimentary HK$25 welcome treat upon minimum spending of HK$50 in-store.

Valid 1 month from registration.

Birthday Discount

Enjoy one-time 25% off in your birthday month with no more than HK$5,000 in-store spending.

*Offer does not apply to voucher purchases. On regular priced items only.

Exclusive Promotions

Stay tuned for delightful news and members-only offers.

General Questions

Here you will find the answers to most of the questions you may have regarding the membership program. If you are not sure about anything, please feel free to contact us via

1. Click here.

2. Simply follow the steps to finish registration.

Once registration is completed, you can start enjoy membership exclusive offer!  

No they are different.

To earn RewardCash while shopping on this online shop, please first login to your membership account via the membership platform and come back.

Cookies will be used to track your membership status so this online shop will credit you the corresponding RewardCash.

An online shop account is optional to make a purchase here.

No membership fee and minimum spending are required for membership registration.

Application for Paul Lafayet membership is free upon filling in the required information on the registration form provided by Paul Lafayet.

Duplicate registration of the same mobile number and email address, or holding more than one membership account by the same individual will not be accepted.

Paul Lafayet shall have the right to, without any prior notice, suspend or terminate such membership.

Your Personal Data provided will be used by Paul Lafayet for which it is collected and for other directly related purposes, including but not limited to: direct marketing purposes by providing news updates on our products, services, and promotional events, or other marketing materials.

Paul Lafayet reserves the right to change, update, or discontinue the membership and any relevant terms anytime.

Any changes and updates to the membership and terms will be posted on our website. You are responsible to check our website regularly for changes.

Your continued use of our website and services will be considered as acceptance of the changes and updates.

If you didn't receive a verification email after joining, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. If you find the email, remember to mark Paul Lafayet emails as non-Junk.

Add as a contact so that you won't miss our notifications and offers. Alternatively, it is very likely there is a typo in the spelling of your email address during the registration. Please register again with the right email address.

RewardCash Related Questions

These are questions and answers that are more specific to the RewardCash.

You can earn $1 RewardCash for every HK$20 you spend online and in-store in Hong Kong.

Yes! Otherwise RewardCash cannot be credited after the purchase.

RewardCash collected in each account can only be used by that account holder, and cannot be transferred to another account.

There is no expiry date on RewardCash. We reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice in the future.

RewardCash is not transferable and is not exchangeable for cash.

RewardCash is not applicable to service fees, including delivery.

RewardCash is not used for vouchers purchases.