Macaron Tower (29 pcs)
Macaron Tower (29 pcs)
Macaron Tower (29 pcs)

Macaron Tower (29 pcs)

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Love 口味:红桑子10件、玫瑰14件、香草5件

Bliss 口味:巧克力10件、咖啡14件、榛子5件

Joy 口味:焦糖布蕾10件、开心果14件、伯爵茶5件




  • 订单满港币800元或以上可免费送货。

Pick-up in Store

Orders may be collected at any Paul Lafayet boutique in Hong Kong from 12:30-20:00 daily. Please refer to our boutique list for more information.


Delivery service is provided upon request within the Hong Kong SAR (Excluding outlying islands and restricted areas). There is a HK$150 delivery fee for orders of $499 or below, and a HK75 delivery fee for orders of $500 - $799. Delivery is free for orders valued at HK$800 or above.

Macarons storage:
- We recommend keeping the macarons in the fridge for no more than 2 days for the best quality.

Macarons flavours:
- You may select your preferred flavour combination from the options provided.
- When bulk buying 2pcs Gift Boxes, we can cater to different combinations of flavours in batches of 10 boxes, please discuss with us via Live Chat or email us at

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